Guess how many puppies! 

 Those who have placed a deposit for Addy's November litter can make a guess and win a Sapphire Eyes T-shirt!

This is Hazel's puppy count X Ray.  Try to look for her puppies!  We will post the answer here later when they are born!  Here's what everyone thinks so far:







guesses 9

guesses 12

guesses 13

guesses 6

guesses 7

guesses 7

Lucky winner is Audrey!  A free T shirt!

get your deposit in now!

Your choice of a puppy from the next litter is determined by the date of your deposit.  The earlier you make a deposit, the more selection from the litter you have to chose from!  Request an application package today!

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Upcoming Litters

We are currently accepting applications and deposits for these litters.

Zelda and Huck's litter - due February 2023!

Addy and Hucks litter - arrived November 25!

See Huck and Addy's litter!

We are offering an early deposit discount on our upcoming litters!  Contact us for more details!