About ​Us​

Sapphire Watch Farm

We have lived in and restored the 1893 Annie Sutherlin house here in Sutherlin Oregon for 16 years.  Our dogs live happily here with 5 acres to run, lots of animals to play with, and plenty of kids to socialize with!  It's a fantastic setting to raise Old English Sheepdogs and we welcome visits anytime!

Meet our outstanding team

Bleu, also known as Old Bleu Eyes, is our first sheepdog.  We brought him home 8 years ago and absolutely fell in love with the breed!


The Founding Father


Daisey came along next on our team.  She's produced four lovely litters and has since retired.  She spends her days lounging and riding on the tractor!


The First Lady of Sapphire Eyes


We soon brought Huck into the mix to breed with Daisey and he is such a great guy!  He has perfect DNA and is OFA certified and AKC registered stud


Our Main Man


Hazel came to our family at one year, adopted from a service member who was being deployed.  She's been a great addition and has the most stunning blue and hazel green eyes!


Our Girl with Hazel Eyes


We call our Addy the eternal puppy because she loves to run and play with all of our babies!  She lives up to her name of Sweet Adeline with the sweetest personality!


Sweet Adeline


Zelda is easy-going and very smart.  She loves to play with the puppies and go for long walks.  We know she will be a great mom someday because she's such great dog!


Zelda, Legend of 

Sapphire Eyes


Violet is our new teammate and is a wonderful addition to our team!  She's got a great personality and loves to learn new things.  Welcome to the team!


Violets are Blue of Sapphire Eyes


Iris is our newest addition and keeps us laughing with her silliness!  She is super smart and loves to learn tricks.  She's a total water dog and a true Tom Boy!


Iris, Indigo Goddess of Sapphire Eyes